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What Types of Exterior Paint Are Best?

With so many different types of exterior paint, how can you know what type of exterior paint is best? In this post, we will outline the top 4 Sherwin Williams exterior paint types we recommend to our clients and their pros and cons.

4. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Exterior

Sherwin Williams’s SuperPaint is the best option for older homes that likely already have layers and layers of paint on it. SuperPaint is a better option for older homes because it allows the wood to ‘breathe’ and doesn’t trap moisture under the paint as much.

Whatever the weather, SuperPaint will deliver outstanding performance. This exterior paint allows for work to be done in cooler temperatures since it can be applied down to 35 degrees.

Sherwin Williams’s SuperPaint will last about 5-7 years. It has improved resistance to early dirt pick-up. It can be applied to vinyl and has a block resistance to reduce sticking on doors, windows and trim.

SuperPaint Pros

  • Can Be Applied Down To 35 Degrees
  • Withstands The Elements And Resists Frost, Peeling, Blistering, Fading, and Cracking
  • Outstanding Color Retention
  • Available in Flat, High Gloss, Satin, Gloss, and Low Lustre
  • 100+ Color Options Available

3. Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior

Sherwin Williams’s Emerald Exterior paint is one of their premium exterior options. It is resistant to peeling, chalking, fading, and dirt pick-up. Exterior paint Emerald has high-durability with a mildew-resistant coating.

This premium exterior paint is self-priming with a beautiful finish that hides imperfections well. Finishes can be bought in flat, satin, or gloss, with over 100 colors available. However, being the top of the line exterior paints, it is double the cost compared to other options.

Emerald Exterior Pros

  • Premium Option
  • Resistant to Peeling, Chalking, Fading, Mildew, and Dirt Pick-Up
  • High Durability
  • Self-Priming
  • Can Be Applied Down To 35 Degrees
  • 100+ Color Options and Custom Tints
  • Available in Flat, Satin, or Gloss

2. Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior

Sherwin Williams’s Resilience Exterior paint is a great option for early spring and fall projects because it dries and cures faster than other products. This exterior paint can be applied to aluminum and vinyl siding, wood, clapboard, shakes, shingles, plywood, masonry, and metal.

Exterior paint Resilience can be applied down to 35 degrees and provides resistance to moisture 50% faster than other exterior paints. Allowing your contractor to paint with confidence and lower cause of concern about dew or impending rain.

With an excellent hide that levels for a smooth finish, this exterior paint is ideal for highlighting exterior architectural details. Such as columns, doors, and decorative moldings. In addition to its smooth sheen, Resilience can be formulated or tinted with VinylSafe® paint colors. Giving you the freedom to choose from 100 color options, including a limited selection of darker colors formulated to resist warping or buckling when applied to sound, stable vinyl siding.

Resilience Exterior Pros

  • Cures Fast
  • Can Be Applied Down To 35 Degrees (Ideal for Spring and Fall)
  • Resistant to Moisture
  • 100+ Color Options
  • Available in Flat, Satin, and Gloss

1. Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior

Sherwin Williams’s Duration Exterior paint is formulated with PermaLast™ Technology, making it the best option for high-durability and a thicker coat. Duration exterior paint is self-priming, easy for your paint contractor to spray, and can be applied down to 35 degrees. This is our top recommendation for what type of exterior paint is best because when applied properly it can last for over 20 years (average is 10 years).

Exterior paint Duration can be applied to a handful more surfaces than Sherwin Williams’s SuperPaint. Including steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding and trim. It goes on thicker than ordinary house paint and is infused with advanced acrylic copolymers, giving it excellent protection from cracking, peeling and blistering. This exterior paint also has a mildew-resistant coating.

Duration Exterior Pros

  • Self-priming
  • High Durability
  • Thick Coat
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Protective Coat From Cracking, Peeling, and Blistering
  • 100+ Color Options
  • Can Be Applied Year Round (Down To 35 Degrees)
  • Available in Satin, Flat, Gloss, and Low Lustre

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