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Why Curb Appeal Is Important

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression and your home makes a big impression as a representation of yourself. Residential exterior painting contractors can improve your curb appeal, curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property from a street view. Having good curb appeal is important for your home, not only for when you are putting your house on the market.
If you are looking to sell your home, these adjustments are even more important. When selling anything, your goal is to make the most money possible. Going to residential exterior painting contractors would be a smart decision to enhance your home. According to The Wall Street Journal, houses that have excellent curb appeal sold for between 7% and 14% more than similar homes in the neighborhood.

How To Improve Your Home With These Curb Appeal Ideas

1. Paint Your Whole Exterior

The color of your house is its most distinctive feature. Painting your whole exterior makes your home look new and can even be a protective barrier for your home. This is a large task that you may want to look for residential exterior painting contractors to perform.

2. Paint Trim and Accents

This is how you can bring your home to life by enhancing the architecture of your home and making it pop. Accents emphasize or contrast the color of your home and bring some variety to your home. A polished looking trim can set your house apart from your neighbors. Residential exterior painting contractors can fix cracked trim along with a new coat of paint.

3. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides your home with a sense of safety. Through a unique approach to lighting, you can bring a stand out sense of ambiance, as well. A well lit home brings in a more inviting feel. If you have specialized lighting for a garden or patio, you can get a more elegant feel to your home.

4. Refresh Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture should bring a nice flair to your home, what often happens is as outdoor furniture ages it gets more dull. A quick fix of repainting or washing chairs makes a big difference aesthetically. Replacing or reupholstering cushions for your outdoor furniture develops the presentable image for your home.

5. Renew Your Garden Beds

Livening up your garden brings life to your home. You have quite a few options for your garden whether it is adding some new soil, mulch, and/or flowers to give you a picturesque entrance. Simple fixes like pulling weeds or setting a nice edge to your garden goes a long way.

6. Keep Your Lawn Looking Tidy

We all know what the unkempt lawn represents and it certainly is not “I want to live there.” Keeping a tidy lawn is probably the easiest task you can do and is likely the most important because it is needed at least once a week.

7. Wash Away Dirt

Nobody wants their house to look dirty and washing away dirt can be a fairly easy task, depending on how extreme you want to go. This is something that pretty much anyone can do without spending for anything additional.

8. Tile Your Doorstep

This gives your home an almost fancy look that is uncommon. Visitors of your home will definitely notice your doorstep and you will be the envy of many visitors. Along with being quite fashionable, tile is also easy to clean.

9. Replace Old Hardware

This is how you can appear modern. When looking for a new home, a big buzzword for buyers is “modern.” When hardware for a home appears outdated, the logical conclusion that can be made is that the hardware will need to be replaced fairly soon.

10. Install Window Boxes

Even without an eye-catching facade, you can capture a similar sentiment with window boxes as they brighten up your home, by adding a splash of color. Window boxes give you the ability to add plants to those boxes for an even more decorative look. As the seasons change, you can update your window box to match the changing world around us.

11. Dress Up Your Mailbox

Mailboxes are usually the first thing someone sees of your property, a stand out mailbox will draw intrigue from on-goers. As most mailboxes have generally the same look, putting on a new coat of paint or a new pattern will help you stand out. One thing to note, the mailbox carrier flag has limitations on what color it can be but the rest of the mailbox is fair game.

12. Add Shutters or Accent Trim

Shutters add an additional layer of protection to the elements. Shutters also can make a smaller house appear larger. The shutters in combination with trim around your windows bring a brightness to your home.

13. Replace Broken Gutters and Downspouts

This is not just for aesthetics, damaged gutters and downspouts can lead to much more damaging issues to your roof and foundation. Replacing broken gutters and downspouts will be much cheaper than fixing a rotting roof or the eroded foundation. If your gutters are fine, a new coat of paint will give your house an aesthetically clean outline.

14. Renew Your Garage Door

We might not notice a good garage door but we definitely notice a bad one. Garage doors are a prominent aspect of the facade and it should blend well with the rest of the facade. A simple adjustment like painting your garage door might be all you need to get your garage door right with the rest of the facade.

The Benefits of Hiring Residential Exterior Painting Contractors

I know you may say “I don’t have the time to do these” and my response would be to look elsewhere, how about residential exterior painting contractors? A professional can do these tasks much quicker than you might be able to. If you do not want to spend the time improving your home, think of how much your time is worth, what you would spend in time might be more than if you paid someone else.
Residential exterior painting contractors know the small details that a homeowner might miss, when taking on an improvement project. With tried and true techniques, tools and safety precautions you can be sure you will get a high quality and clean job performance that will be a big boost to your curb appeal.

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