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What is a Painting Contractor?

Professional painting contractors are professional painters who work for a general contractor or are hired directly by a homeowner. Painting contractors are often a solo painting pro or a small painting company of 15-20 professional painters. Paint contractors mainly focus on painting, but some specialize in other areas like staining, wallpapering, and drywall repair.

How to Find A Professional Paint Contractor Near Me | Hiring a Paint Contractor from Start to Finish
How to Discuss Your Painting Project | Why Hire A Painting Contractor?

How to Find A Professional Paint Contractor Near Me

Painting contractors tend to be local. While paint contractors concentrate on painting, some perform associated tasks such as plaster repairs, minor drywall work, trim and molding, and wallpapering.

Most professional painters are hired through “word of mouth”. Some painting contractors, like us, display signs on the lawns of houses they are working on.

How Do I Know They’re Good?

Reviews, references, and past projects are a great place to start. Facebook and Google reviews are great sites to see this information.

Time and time again, we pick up slack where our competitors, unfortunately, fall off. We understand the difficulties of getting some painting contractors to show up. And we can guarantee that this generalization does not apply to our painters. Each of our professional painters take great pride in their work and love what we do. Conrad’s Painting is the painting contractor you can rely on.

Hiring a Paint Contractor from Start to Finish

Every job is different, based on the project scope and needs. However, let us assume that we are painting the interior of your home. You can usually expect:

How to Discuss Your Painting Project

Unlike conversing with other trade work, you do not need to know specialized lingo. Our paint contractors are good at making things clear to homeowners.

What to Ask Before Hiring A Paint Contractor?

Hiring the right painter requires thorough research and a rigorous vetting process. Before you hire a contractor for your next interior painting project, know what questions to ask. Asking these questions help set up expectations and details from the start ensures a smooth and successful painting project experience.

  • Is the cost of the paint included in the estimate?
  • What type of paint does the contractor intend on using?
  • How many coats will be laid down?
  • How will the non-paintable areas be covered for protection?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Is it preferable for the residents to vacate the house during the job?
  • Will masking tape be used around the trim or the cut-in method?
  • How Much Will It Cost?

Why Hire A Painting Contractor?

Our contractors are equipped to do any paint job, from a single room to a whole house. With over 15 years of experience with all types of products, surfaces, and environments. They have access to any type of equipment or supplies they might need. They can complete a job quickly and with the highest quality.

  • Up-front discussion of your expectations and what they can realistically provide
  • Covering the areas that aren’t going to be painted with tarps
  • Prepping the surface they’re painting
  • Removing doors, switch plates, outlet covers, and other items that might be in the way
  • Priming drywall (one coat)
  • Painting — two coats, typically, on walls and ceilings
  • Painting baseboards and trim
  • Touching up missed spots
  • Cleanup
  • Final evaluation

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“John did an amazing job on the drywall and painting for my new first-floor laundry and bathroom. I’m excited to move onto the flooring and everything else being installed. I’ve waited twenty years for this dream to happen and I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Conrad. Thank you!”

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